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To be regionally recognized as the firm that goes beyond the deliverables to focus on what matters most to the client while balancing the financial success of the firm with a joyful work experience for all staff.


Our mission is to approach every engagement with “conscientious fervor”. Our team members leverage technology, form alliance relationships, and develop internal capabilities to fulfill the role of a solutions-oriented, critical business partner.  The CEW professional is focused on performing in the capacity of their highest and best use and respects the challenge to move outside of their comfort zone.



We believe that each of us has a responsibility to one another to fully commit to the firm's values, vision, and mission statement.  We value collective responsibility in that we are accountable to one another in achieving this goal. We embody personal responsibility in upholding the highest professional standards while utilizing all available resources to perform at our best and deliver excellence for our clients and each other. 


We approach each day with the intent to empower each other by showing respect and celebrating our differences--not only in gender, age, and race, but perspectives, opinions, and experiences.  We support an inclusive culture where diverse teams thrive, perform, and grow.


A positive, fun, and joyful work experience is deeply important to us.  We are committed to sustaining the livelihoods and overall well-being of our team.  While our work is demanding, we are invested in providing an environment that allows for flexibility in achieving our personal and professional goals.  We believe that achieving balance is vital for clarity and accurate results.


CEW expects team members to embody professionalism by being strategic, forward-thinking, and results-oriented leaders for our clients and communities.  We aim to go beyond our deliverables and always conduct ourselves with integrity and respect. We exemplify excellence by being prepared, responsive, and effective.


The CEW team respects each other personally and professionally, and we favor the teams’ interest above our own. We believe in a supportive work environment that encourages communication and collaboration between staff and that fosters and rewards creativity and ingenuity. We are deliberate in widely sharing information for the betterment of our teams and of one another as professionals.

Welcome to Clark Eustace Wagner, PA CPA firm licensed in SC & NC.

We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.
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